Cool Atomic Watch

Atomic watchAn atomic watch will keep your watch perfect even if you travel overseas. The watch work on a receiver fitted inside the watch and gets signals of NIST time signal originating in Fort Collins and keeps your watch update within the US it can receive similar atomic signals originating in Japan ,England and Germany. This handsome watch supports many other features like calendar, alarm, and countdown timer.

Dangerous Iphone

Iphone sucks Your favorite iPhone can be dangerous for the environment. The iPhone contains dangerous chemical like chlorinated plastic polyvinyl chloride and brominated flame retardants harmful for the environments. Greenpeace claims that the new line of iPhone hand set are not free from harmful chemicals however they did not use the prohibited material like lead, cadmium ,mercury and chromium. To counter the charges of Greenpeace apple has added a new page on its site A Greener Apple and propagate about its eco friendly elements used in their products.  

Microsoft with Indian Institute Of Science

Microsoft To increase the computational power in scientific and engineering research Microsoft announces to launch the sponsored program in collaboration with Indian Institute Of Science. This is the first agreement made by Microsoft in India with any institute. Microsoft will provide finance and the services of experts on the subject. The project is aimed towards the integration of biological data that will help in solving the mystery of biological system. Their research is directed towards the invention of research tools that will support the process of integration of biological data. The research will also prove beneficial for drug and vaccine delivery. Prof. Nagsuma Chandra will be the chief investigator of the project.

HTC PDA Phone P3300

Htc pda 5300HTC is all set to launch its latest GPS enabled PDA phone the P3300 along with other useful features. On your light weight, gray colored phone you can enjoy crystal clear view of the pictures on its 2.8 inch QVGA screen. It works on Window Mobile 6 and supports 128 MB built in ROM and 64 MB RAM. MapKing R12 is used for mobile mapping system along with SiRF III chipset with 20 parallel channel receivers. This hand set is fully loaded with all the latest information technology instruments like Bluetooth, high speed wireless LAN access and EDGE with the feature of camera and FM radio. The cost of the phone is 23,000.

BSNL – TV on Mobile Phone

BsnlTo provide better service to their customer’s mobile companies always add some new features in their services. BSNL the government sector company has also planned to increase their service area now GSM customer of BSNL can view 12 TV channel on their mobile set. Initially the service is enabled on selected Nokia mobile set Sony Ericsson and Motorola will also support this service. Just visit through your mobile set and all the information about the TV content will be displayed on your handset. Apalya technology the partner of BSNL will provide TV signal on your set. Currently this service is available in Eastern and North Eastern region of the country.

Universal on the fast pace

Universal music group World’s biggest music company Universal is prepared to increase the number of music listener through internet. Universal along with other leading company are aiming to launch online music subscription that will be initially free along with some digital player and the program will be known as Total Music. This program will increase their digital media revenue. Universal company is trying to make alliance with Warner Music group and Sony BMG music entertainment. Now the hegemony of Apple will be challenged and the new ideas and innovation will change the whole world of on line music.

Peggy Whitson

Peggy Whitson the NASA astronaut becomes the first women to lead the international space station creating history in women’s achievement. Whitson along with two other new members has joined the orbiting scientific outpost with the mission of expansion of the space station after installation of the new module the space station will become spacious enough to allow six astronaut to work together.