Healthy eating habits

Eating habits tells a lot about your health. A healthy eating regime is sure shot of great health and flawless beauty.
Nature has provide us with so many beauty food to keep up ones self healthy and beautiful ,try these miraculous food items and solve your beauty problems.

 Fruits especially citrus fruits are best remeady for the glowing and flawless skin. It keeps your skin tight and give a younger look.

 Add any vegetable or fruit that is rich in vitamin A like carrot and avoid premature aging.

 Apple cedar vinegar is the medicinal miracle. It will make your skin soft and supple. Also helps in removing dead skin for a young and fresh look.

 May be you did not like the smell of garlic but this little garlic has the power to restore the lost tissue of the skin. Next time think twice before rejecting it.

 Make yogurt or curd a essential part of your diet. This rich in calcium item is must for healthy nails and bones.

 If you are sufferring from pimples give wheat germs place in your diet chart. Regular use of little amount of wheat germ with yogurt or cottage cheese will help you in solving your pimple problem.

  Eat plenty of salads made of fresh and raw vegetables and sprouts before your lunch and dinner for a balanced diet.

 Also take some amount of fat in your daily meal course in any form be it cheese ar butter. It is very important and vital elemant for healthy body.

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