Fashion trends

Cool Fashion trends Fashion touches the life of all individual even if a person says he or she did not care about fashion and latest trend they are making their own style statement by following their own style and creating one more fashion trend for others to follow. Some fashion statements made global effects while some are restricted to particular geographical area. Role of media plays key factor in determining the latest fashion trends.

Like one big hit hollywood moovie or a hit   music video will effect the fashion trend globally. Generally fashion trends are dominated by celebrities related to film industry or music world even players and politicians styles also touches the fashion scenario but individual styles also makes trends.
The coolest thing about the fashion is it tells a story about the person who follow it. In other word fashion works as non verbal communication

device it reveals lots about the person its social condition ,economic conditions and personal feelings. Teen agers fashion depicts a carefree style where as mature people go for sober fashion styles. Every body tries to follow the trend that suits their personality and social image. Fashion helps individuals in expressing their self to others in non-communicative mode be it in the form of hair style or body piereicing or the style of wearing particular dress fashion style describe whole community as a one single unit in term of style and trends.

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