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More about purses

For chic and hot look try high designer purse and bags and get the complete ultra modern look. Use your imaginative power and select new colors like hot pink or sea green for a modish look. Purses embellished with flower or butterflies shows a young and girl next door image. These kinds of purse are […]

Fashion trends

 Fashion touches the life of all individual even if a person says he or she did not care about fashion and latest trend they are making their own style statement by following their own style and creating one more fashion trend for others to follow. Some fashion statements made global effects while some are restricted […]

Water powered multi function watch

We have heard about solar watch, battery powered watch and now comes the turn of water powered multi function watch. This watch runs on H20 batteries. Along with time the watch will also work as countdown timer, thermometer, and alarm. The most interesting feature about the clock is the way the mode is change from […]

The Ibiza LED watch

Any watch that prefers LED to show the time is distinctly ahead from its competitor. The Ibiza LED watch comes with more attractive feature it uses colors to show the time. The Blue color denotes hours, Red for the minutes Yellow is for the time mode indicator and green is for date mode. Just press […]

Cool Atomic Watch

An atomic watch will keep your watch perfect even if you travel overseas. The watch work on a receiver fitted inside the watch and gets signals of NIST time signal originating in Fort Collins and keeps your watch update within the US it can receive similar atomic signals originating in Japan ,England and Germany. This […]

Microsoft with Indian Institute Of Science

 To increase the computational power in scientific and engineering research Microsoft announces to launch the sponsored program in collaboration with Indian Institute Of Science. This is the first agreement made by Microsoft in India with any institute. Microsoft will provide finance and the services of experts on the subject. The project is aimed towards the […]

Universal on the fast pace

 World’s biggest music company Universal is prepared to increase the number of music listener through internet. Universal along with other leading company are aiming to launch online music subscription that will be initially free along with some digital player and the program will be known as Total Music. This program will increase their digital media […]